Flat Tummy Fit Tip. No gym needed - with Hannah Andersson @fashionablefit

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Not a gym junkie?  No worries!  Hannah from @fashionablefit has got us covered with 4 workouts to stay active - no gym needed.

1. Pull to Face: A pull exercise that works the upper back. Personally, I love this exercise because I have to pull back the shoulders which gives a better posture. Attach rubber band around your feet, then pull the rubber band towards your face while pulling your shoulder blades together. Focus on pulling with the back muscles and not with your arms.

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2. Bulgarian Lunge: A real killer for the legs and butt. Make sure there is a low ledge or object to rest your back leg on. Put weight on your front leg and use your back leg as a stabiliser. Lower yourself down as far as flexibility allows.Bulgarian Lunge

3. Bent over Row: A classic upright row with rubber bands. For more resistance grip tape further down. Bent over Row

4. Row Seated: Seated rowing with gummiband. Sit up straight then pull the rubber band towards you and pull your shoulder blades together. Release the rubber band slowly and lessen the resistance. This great for strengthening your muscles.

Row Seated

Try this Fashionablefit circuit with some of the exercises shown above:

A1 Bulgarian Lunge, 20 reps on each leg, 5 sets

A2 Pull to Face, 20 reps, 5 sets

A3 Sumo squat with a jump, 20 reps, 5 sets

A4 Bent over row, 20 reps, 5 sets

A5 Mountain Climbers, 40 reps, 5 sets

A6 Skipping 60 seconds or high knees on the spot.

Note: Do all exercises back to back with minimum rest, take 60 seconds rest at the end of the circuit. Then repeat all the exercises (A1-A6) for a total 5 sets.

Happy training!

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