Big Boobs, No Excuse. Our Top 5 Ways to Keep Them Under Control When Getting Back on Track

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Nature has blessed us ladies with some super cool body parts that men just can’t have.. But when it comes to getting fit & healthy, dealing with natures booby traps can take a little extra work sometimes. I may not be in the double D territory of boob size but I still hold them when pacing down the stairs and when bloat strikes, it’s a total bitch.

The other day a girlfriend joined me at the gym for some much needed Monday motivation. I suggested we start on the treadmills for a warmup/gossip session. She shook her head and pointed at her boobs…”Not with these babies”. So many girls swear off running and working out because of their boob size or bloated tummy. Being full on top (or bottom) shouldn’t stop you from anything, so here's some tips to get back on track and show those B’s otherwise.

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1. Wear a gym top that has a bra already attached to it — yes, wear it OVER your sports bra and normal bra if needed. Most of the time a sports bra alone won't do the trick for high intensity activities such as running and jumping rope. The second those babies gain momentum, theres no stopping them! Layering up is the key. Plus, some gyms are freezing…don’t know about you but I’d rather not be a part of the nipple freeze show. 

2. So here’s where we kick butt even more. If your large chest or bloated tummy causes back pain, which in turn makes your back hurt even more when running, choose a type of cardio exercise such as up hill walking, bike riding, swimming, or the rower. These requires less jumping so you won’t be knocking yourself out anytime soon. Ouch.

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3. We’re all about tummies here at Flat Tummy Tea HQ, so this one relates to all the ladies from A’s to whatever cup size it goes to!? Since you have that extra weight on your upper torso, you'll need a strong back and abs to support it. Do some elbow planks and back strengthening moves at least three times a week. Along with sippin’ on some Flat Tummy detox tea, you’ll be showing those boobs and bloat who's boss in no time! 

4. Posture. You read that word and BOOM- back is straightened, shoulders back and boobs are pushed out forward. This is something we should all work on, especially you babes with the bigger boobs. Yoga and Pilates teach you low intensity moves that encourage your spine to lengthen and body to strengthen - (sounds like I'm rapping about yoga, LOL). Anyways, for those of you in doubt of Yoga, try it for a couple of weeks and trust me, your boobs will be on cloud 9! #floating

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5. If you're self-conscious about people (cough, pervert dudes) watching you while exercising, choose a less (or more) crowded area to work out in. By more we mean, group classes. Most people are too busy trying not to trip over their step or drop the weight on their foot to even notice your bouncing boobs. Outdoor hikes and bike paths are also good options since they're usually less populated, and you can do your thing without seeing too many people. You may get the odd wolf whistle from a car driving past, but whatevz, chuck that in the ego basket and move on!  

So there we have it, Nothing can stop us (not even big boobs) - buckle them in, get back on track and enjoy the ride.


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