10 Things We Hate About Bloat - No. 10

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Flat tummy tea 10 things we hate about bloat

10. "I'm sick of looking like a puffer fish." 

Ohh hello ladies! I’m Leyysha, just your regular 24 year old beauty enthusiast, cardio freak and of course food maniac! I eat pretty much anything and everything and end up having to face the consequences afterwards, BLOAT. Yes it happens to all of us. Even if you make healthy choices about what you put in your body, filling up with spinach, quinoa and organic grass-fed meat, sometimes you end the day with…a food baby. No matter what you do, you can’t seem to get rid of that uncomfortable, sluggish, bloated feeling. Yes it sucks big time! I mean come on who wants to look like a puffer fish all the time?! Definitely not me!  

You eat right, you exercise regularly, you drink water and take your vitamins like a good girl (or boy) and sometimes you wonder why the hell is your stomach so bloated all the time (literally me in a nutshell).  

Well bloating sucks because the rest of your body feels horrible!  I end up looking 5 months pregnant when I’m actually not and this lowers my self-esteem, which I absolutely despise. Confidence is key, and I want to be able to rock a tight fitting dress without having to worry about my tummy sticking out all day. Bloat’s a bitch because more often than not, I find myself staying under the radar for days and let me tell you, that ain’t healthy! It is also really hard to stay motivated to exercise when you feel that way!  

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It took me quite awhile to figure out ways to overcome this sluggish feeling and not long ago, I tried some Flat Tummy Tea which was recommended to me by a friend. Like many other things, I figured this was just something to try but nothing out of the ordinary, but boy oh boy..was I wrong! It works wonders for me, and the best part is I can drink it consistently because it tastes great!   

Yes, I enjoy my daily Flat Tummy Tea-time, but I constantly remind myself to have at least 6-8 glasses of water each day, cliche’ I know! But trust me girls, water flushes out all the toxins in your system, and helps get things moving if you’re constipated; talk about a full body cleanse! Another way to relieve bloating which I found extremely helpful was to get up and get moving! Even if it meant just a quick 10 minute walk. Easier said than done I know, but trust me when I say it reallyyyyy helps! 

Oh and let’s not forget Yoga, absolute life saver! All that stretching definitely helps with digestion and bloating. I also tried cutting out alcohol completely but who am I kidding, that didn't happen. However I did cut back and found it really helped kick that bloat!

Life is too short, so enjoy your chocolates, enjoy laying in bed having a bowl of chips, enjoy your night out (just do YOU!)... But do everything in moderation! Get up, be active and if you’ve tried everything to beat that painful, ugly, bloated stomach and nothing has worked… girls hear me out, Flat Tummy Tea has got your back!

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