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When was the last time you took a minute for yourself? Crickets? Yeah, thought so…

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Self-care can (and does) mean different things to different people. But the bottom line is that we do things for ourselves that make us feel better, and in turn, be better. Sometimes it’s more substantial stuff like making sure you exercise regularly or committing to a Flat Tummy Tea detox. Other times it’s petty stuff like – taking a selfie or buying a new pair of kick ass Nikes.

The point is that there is a distinct link between how we feel on the inside to how we look on the outside and in this case, stress may be the baddie causing us to feel bloated, sluggish and blaaaah! 

The term “gut-wrenching” is for real, legit when it comes to stress. Don’t want to get too nerdy here but it’s important to understand why our tummies bloat when stress hits hard. Our body's digestion is controlled by a certain part of our nervous system which activates the flight or fight response (we pick fight any day) but sometimes the body choses flight, this causes increase of acid, water retention and tummy spasms, yuck!

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Being bloat’s bitch is no fun so take a deep breath, lose the ‘tude and keep reading for ways to bust the stress barrier standing between you and your flat tummy. 

1. Natural Goodness

Our Flat Tummy Tea tea cleanse is specially formulated with a combination of 100% natural herbs to calm, counterbalance and cleanse your system…sounds like a magic potion huh? Nope, just all natural goodness. When it comes to stress we let Flat Tummy Tea detox do it’s thing and kick bloats butt right out the door.

2. Keep moving 

One of the key risk factors for constipation (yep, I just said the C word) is inactivity. I’m not saying you need to go run a marathon in order to poop, but 10-15 minutes of power walking or stretching a day can help your body relax and speed things up leaving you feeling energised, light and most importantly…flat! 

3. Treat yourself

Retail therapy may involve you digging the piggy bank for cash, but we think it’s a win win situation when it comes to dealing with stress and tummy nasties. Why?.. A) It’s all about YOU. B) How can anyone not feel amaze balls walking out the shop in a new pair of kick ass nikes….got us feeling like we could run a marathon. C) Stress?? Too busy checking ourselves out in the window reflections to think about it. Cya bloat. 

You’re probably thinking all this talk sounds too easy too be true right? But that’s what we’re all about. Keeping it short and sweet means less stress and less bloat. So remember, calm your mind before you calm your tummy and you’ll have that stress barrier (and your tummy) down in no time! 


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