WORK IT - Top 3 hikes to show your tummy this summer

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Being real girls, we admit push ups and squats aren't really our cup of tea. Don't get us wrong, we love the tea part but when it comes to working out we prefer sunshine, fresh air and a location suited for all levels.
Why LA? Easy! The list is endless - celebs, the walk of fame, taco truck, In-N-Out…well for us it’s mostly about the kick ass hiking spots, ok... and sometimes In-N-Out (whoops). LA spoils us with up to 290 days of sunshine per year which means endless opportunities to get our tummies out and and tans on

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Why we love it: 
Shirtless guys, celebs keeping in shape and pups all around! This place booms with energy so you’re guaranteed to have a decent sweat. There are two paths, one that’s pretty flat and steady (like our tummies) and another that’s more challenging.. we mean ALOT of uphill that’ll get your booty burning and heart racing. 
Views from the top are totally worth the half way breakdown - Downtown LA, Venice Beach and the mansions scattered through the hills. A Runyon Canyon pic will pretty much guarantee a repost on our Instagram page so don't forget to take a sweaty selfie! #smashedit

  • Dog friendly - VERY, can be off leash. Warning - Poop alert…  
  • Sweat Factor - 1 
  • Move Time - 1-2 hours (depending on how long you spend stalking the celebs).


Why we love it:
If you’re feeling a bit hungover Sunday morning and not in the mood for a million overly happy fit freaks, this is the the perfect hike location for you. Being considered the not-quite-a-work-out hike there are still a few different trials that link up so it’s always a fun new adventure whether your walking, jogging or gossiping. 
There is a long staircase during the hike… HOLD UP… before you back out, drink a cup of your Flat Tummy Activate tea pre hike, do a quick stretch, and sweat it out. Time to get that crop top out because nothing can stop us, not even a hangover. 

  • Dog friendly - YES, on leash. Owners actually clean up the poop here! 
  • Sweat Factor - 1 2 
  • Move Time - 30 min - 1 hour


Why we love it: 
Topanga Canyon is a kick ass oasis featuring 36 miles (57km) of trails buried in the Santa Monica Mountains, just north up the Pacific Coast Highway. This trail is perfect for those blaaahh days when you need to forget about your lengthy to-do list, get focused and get back on track!
Helpful hint from one bloat-free babe to another, you might stumble upon some wildlife - aka snakes, bugs or thorn plants so wear your best sneakers and hike with one eye open!

  • Dog friendly - NO dogs allowed. Leave your furry friend at home this time. 
  • Sweat Factor - 1 2 3
  • Move Time - 3-4 hours

So if you’re in the area - grab your girlfriends, slap on the sunscreen and go get active. P.S. don’t forget your water bottle, gotta keep hydrated in that LA heat! 
Oh and double P.S make sure the camera is charged incase you bump into Kylie Jenner…#dreaming

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