Flat Tummy Tea 3 Ways

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For our babes sweating it up in the U.S heat, for our fussy babes who’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth, or for our babes that are never on time… here’s 3 ways you can spice up your Flat Tummy Tea. 

Ice It 
For all our Flat Tummy babes in the U.S.. If you are currently soaking up the summer sun you’ll know all about the holiday mode mindset or as we call it “whoops moments”. Pool parties, BBQ’s and road trips call for tasty snacks and a million sweaty selfies… note to self: sweaty selfies are only cool when working out. Sounds like the recipe for a bloat disaster right? Nope, add a little ice to your life you’ll be staying flat no matter how much fun you’re having this summer. 

Iced Flat Tummy Tea…say what?! You heard it ladies. All you need to do is infuse 1 teaspoon of Flat Tummy Tea in boiling water for 3-5 minutes and either pop it in the fridge to cool or add ice to serve chilled! No more bloat and no more sweaty selfies. You’ll be back rocking that bikini bod and a new Instagram pic will be uploading in no time. #nosweat 
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Flavour it
For all the Flat Tummy fussy babes.. Ok so, just incase you didn't already know… love the flavour of Flat Tummy Tea’s 100% natural blend as much as Kanye loves Kanye. Yep, THAT much. We also know that for most of you the feeling is mutual but there are the few fussy babes out there who just can’t control their taste buds (like us with chocolate) whoops. 

Never fear…the good news is here. If you need, we are SO ok with you adding some sweet goodness to your tea to make sure you kick bloat’s butt just as much as every other babe. Add a little squeeze of lemon or a drop of honey to give it that extra bit of flavour… otherwise if you’re like us, enjoy as is! #drinkup

Take it
For all the Flat Tummy babes who don’t do mornings - although, after a couple of weeks on this stuff, we’re pretty sure you’re gonna be springing out of bed.

So as directed on the packet, drink the Activate tea every morning with or before breakfast but in reality, you’ve slept through your alarm and your winged eyeliner turned out uneven so you may just be running a couple of minutes late… #realgirlproblems

The good news is, being women, we own it when it comes to multi tasking. So while your tea is brewing, you’ve got 3-5 minutes to get your shit together and get that eyeliner wing fixed…might even have time for a quick Instagram scroll #doubletapthat. Drink up and activate for the day ahead. 

If on the odd or not so odd occasion you wake up at a friends house (slumber party wooo!) it gives you the best excuse to whip out the Flat Tummy Tea zipper case. If it isn’t already jam packed with makeup, tampons and mints, leave some space for a secret stash of the Activate Tea - then all you need is hot water, a mug and boom… tea is served. Ain’t nobody got time for Mondayitis. 

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