5 Spring Activities You Need To Try

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Babe, it’s about that time. The days are getting longer, the mornings are brighter and you might already be down to rocking only two layers of clothes. YAS.

If you were lucky enough to get your hands on a Sneaky Vaunt bra last week from our sneaky sisters, or you’re just damn excited to get out there and enjoy that Spring air, then this one is for you. Now that you’ve got all those new outfit options thanks to your backless, strapless stick on bra, it’s time to make sure that you feel freaking great in them.

And you know what that means? Getting your cleanse ON and getting that butt (and that tummy) moving! And we’re gonna tell you how.

1) Get your hike on.

Oh yeah, now we’re talking. The ultimate Flat Tummy babe activity. If you don’t know where your closest hiking trail is...you need to find it. Grab a girlfriend, or a puppy, or both and get ready to sweat it out. You should aim to walk for about 45mins to 1hr to get max booty/tummy results. Plus it’s the perfect amount of time to fill your bestie in on the weekend gossip, oh.. and also how freaking good you’re feeling since starting your Flat Tummy Tea cleanse (are we right?!) #obviously

get you hike on


2) Get wet.

Ok, so it might not be the middle of summer just yet buuuuut it’s still warm enough to get wet. Can’t decide if you wanna work your arms or legs? Why not do both? Swimming is probably one of the best full body workouts a babe can do. Either grab your girlfriend and do some sprints, or just roll solo and pace yourself. Finish with some Flat Tummy Tea on ice and you’re good to go!

get wet


3) Get competitive.

We all know that our Flat Tummy babes like a little healthy competition every now and again. Our go-to spring sport with the bestie? Tennis. Not only do you get to dress up and look cute AF, but it’s a damn good workout. It doesn’t even matter if you freaking suck, hitting the ball really hard and really fast still counts, even if it doesn’t go inside the lines.

get competitive


4) Get dirty.

Outdoor boot camps come at us. Sometimes it helps to get a little frustration out and get down and dirty. We’re like 98% confident that you’d be able to find an outdoor boot camp somewhere in your area and trust us, they’re worth it. Why kick your own butt when someone can do it for you. They’re super motivating and designed to get you in babein’ shape. Plus, they’re so much freaking fun (even though you hate basically everyone and everything while it’s happening).

get dirty


5) Get creative

Yah, these are all great ideas (#duh cause they’re ours), but sometimes you just gotta do you. Think about what YOU like to do and simply take it outside. Whether it’s taking your weights to a local park, doing yoga in your backyard, kayaking in a nearby lake or dirt bike riding… Whatever it is that’s gonna get you outside… go for it.

get creative


Cause girl, you got this. And it’s time to get back on track and get back to feeling freaking good!

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