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Detox Tea review


Hey babes!

I’ve been working for Flat Tummy for a while now, and I’ve done quite a few of our programs and seen great results. I’m currently getting ready for my sister’s wedding, so I jumped back onto my fav Flat Tummy Tea program and figured I’d talk you guys through my experience!

I’m basically your average mid 20 something year old girl - relatively active (exercise 3-4 times a week) and eat healthy-ish mon-fri (yep, I let loose on the weekends!). Plus, I follow a plant based diet, which means I eat A LOT of veggies.

This means a couple things for me:
1- I eat sooo much food to make sure I get all my nutrients and protein!
2- The bloat I get from all those veggies is insane, and actually uncomfortable at times.

The first week on my program was all about figuring out when to drink my morning Activate tea, while still grabbing my daily coffee (let’s be real, can’t give that up!). It ended up being in the AM after the gym, and then to have my coffee once I was settled at work. This schedule was a little different from what I had done in my last couple programs because I just recently switched my workouts to be in the morning. But even with the schedule switch up, it worked no issue.

Not gonna lie, I actually got really excited for the cleanse nights. While the Activate made me feel more energized, the Cleanse ACTUALLY made me feel lighter and refreshed in the morning - which I loved!

By the end of the program I was noticeably less bloated. Like, for real. And the best part was that I wasn’t shying away from all my fav foods to make sure that I wouldn’t get bloated. Yep, that meant eating all the veggies and dairy (hellooo frozen yoghurt) without fearing that I would look like I was about to give birth to a food baby. Another thing that I noticed was that I was drinking tons more water, and my skin was looking sooo good! No bloat + nice skin?! Major win.

I try to do a Flat Tummy Tea program every 3 months or so, or anytime I’ve got something big coming up - and yes, my sister's wedding is considered as “something big”. Safe to say my experience this time around was pretty freakin’ great. I’m going into this wedding feeling light + energized + soo much happier with my tummy! Bring on allll the wedding photos!

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  • I love it, would want to try it.

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