Cut back on veggies. Say WHAT!?

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Let’s talk about bloat baby. Yes, you may be thinking that’s all we ever talk about, but seriously it’s just such a bitch! Here at Flat Tummy HQ, we almost always have the whole bloat situation under control. I mean come on, we don’t have time to feel blaaah or sluggish…we’ve got waaay too many babes to help get back to flat! #backontrack

Today, we’re gonna talk food. Hands up to those that have experienced the pizza, bread, pasta or beer bloat… both our hands are up #whoops. Now hands up to those who choose to eat healthy to keep flat but still have a tummy the size of a balloon… ugh so frustrating right?

Back in the day, we spent a shit load of time researching why, even though most of the time we eat pretty healthy, our tummies can still feel bloated. It used to be a never ending battle! While bloating can simply be due to indigestion or just pure overindulgence #foodbaby, it can also be a sign of food intolerance. A lot of vegetables actually contain certain sugars and starches which may cause gassiness and bloating, SAY WHAT?! 

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Yep, we’re spilling the beans… here’s a break down of what you should’ve, would’ve and could’ve eaten to keep that bloat under control.

Would’ve - Foods you would think to eat. In moderation!

Broccoli, cabbage and brussels sprouts are the types of veggies your mum would force you to eat as a kid, so you would think these must be good for the tummy, right? In the case of bloat, no.

Fructans are sugary fibres which these types of veggies contain and if you do have a sensitive tummy, can make it harder for your system to digest foods. This causes… well, you know what #bloatsabitch. We’re not telling you NOT to eat these, but try cutting back and you might just see that tummy get flatter by the days. 

Could’ve - Foods you could eat. Whoops - also in moderation!

Pasta, bread and beer..are we in heaven? Snap out of it! We’re all about things in moderation but when it comes to bloat, sometimes saying no is a little easier. 

Foods like pasta and bread have high amounts of carbohydrates which tend to cause your body to store three times more water compared to proteins…talk about water retention 101. When you are dehydrated your body will hold onto every single drop of water it can get, so remember 6-8 glasses of water every day babes. Drink up! 

Should’ve - Foods you should eat. Stock up! 

Celery and cucumbers are not just a tasty snack (with loads of peanut butter added) #whoops. These veggies along with spinach require chewing and are loaded with water which helps your digestive system regulate and fight the bloat. 

Basically, the more water you take in without fibre, the more you pee. And the more you pee, the flatter your tummy feels #winning! Don’t forget to chew slow, it gives your tummy less work to do. 

Flat Tummy Tips
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Wanna know more? We have a whole bunch of Flat Tummy Tips up our sleeves but shhhh it’s a secret… well not really, you can check them out at our website on the Flat Tummy Tips page. All this plus a Flat Tummy Tea detox and you’re gonna be kicking bloat’s ass big time! 

*Babes, please note this information is only based on our research and the tips that work for us. If you struggle with bloating and digestive issues on an ongoing basis, we recommend seeking medical advice from your GP or Naturopath. 


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