Sneak Squad


Babes, you’re welcome. We’ve seen you asking questions, tagging your besties and totally freaking obsessing over some of the kicks we’ve posted on our ‘gram recently. So we decided to put together THE SNEAKER SQUAD. The girls at FTT HQ have picked their top 10 fav sneakers on the market right now, and given you the heads up as to where you can get your hands on them. So get ready to kick it. Because there’s no better motivation in the lead up to starting a Flat Tummy Tea cleanse than getting some fresh gear. #yougotthis

1. Department of Finery - Stella

stella shoes

    Brand: Department of Finery

    Name: Stella

    Why you need them: Some babes dance in heels, we dance in sneakers. And how can you make sneakers appropriate for a night out with the girls? Add metallic stars. Pretty much guaranteed to make any outfit you’re wearing instantly more babein’ and oh yeah did we mention they also come in pink? #yesway


    2. Adidas - NMD R1 W

    NMD R1 W


      Brand: Adidas

      Name: NMD R1 W

      Why you need them: Well 1) They’re Flat Tummy pink 2) They’re ALSO Flat Tummy grey 3) They’re basically designed for kicking boat’s ass. So realistically… you definitely need them.


      3. Nike - Roshe One

      Nike Roshe One

      Brand: Nike

      Name: Roshe One

      Why you need them: Pretty much a staple for any babe on a mission. Classic, bad-ass, on brand and the best kind of “go with anything” shoe that you could get your hands on. #yourewelcome



      4. Clae - Bradley

      Bradley shoes

        Brand: Clae

        Name: Bradley

        Why you need them: At FTT HQ we like keeping things fresh. And nothing screams fresh AF more than these bad boys. Like helloooo leather, helloooo pink and helloooo freaking comfortable. Oh, and they’re basically designed to be worn by kick-ass babes only #fact



        5. Nike - Juvenate

        Nike Shoes

          Brand: Nike

          Name: Nike Juvenate

          Why you need them: You know that “no-workout, workout” look? The one where you’re dressed up to go to the gym but really you’re just meeting the girls for brunch? Well, this is the matching footwear to go with that whole situation. And whether you’re going to stuff your face with pancakes OR you’re actually going to the gym… no one will ever know.



          6. Adidas - Superstar Foundation 80s Metal Toe

          Adidas Original

          Brand: Adidas Originals

          Name: Superstar Foundation 80s Metal Toe

          Why you need them: Superstars made for superstar babes? Would be rude not to, we think.  


          7. Adidas - Athletics Bounce

          Adidas Athletic Bounce

          Brand: Adidas

          Name: Athletics Bounce

          Why you need them: Designed for max support, max comfort and give max opportunity for looking like a babein’ boss. If these don’t make you want to get out there, get to the gym and show these off, then we don’t know what will.



          8. Reebok - Classic Leather Pastel

          Classic Leather Pastel

          Brand: Reebok

          Name: Classic Leather Pastel

          Why you need them: Every babe on a mission needs a sensible pair of off duty shoes. No these aren’t made for the gym - they’re for when you’re out and about running errands, looking good, feeling fiiiiine. And who says you can’t have awesome shoes for that?! Defs not us.



          9. Adidas - Pure Boost XPose

          Pure Boost

          Brand: Adidas  

          Name: Pure Boost XPose

          Why you need them: Whether you’re a babe that loves to run, or you’re just starting to get into it, these bad boys pretty much feel exactly the same as they look - freaking comfortable. Think about what it would be like to walk on clouds. Then x 100.



          10. Adidas - Stan Smith

          Adidas Originals

          Brand: Adidas Originals

          Name: Stan Smith

          Why you need them: A fresh take on a famous original. Kinda like you, babe, when you decided you were going to say bye bye to bloat and helloooo to the new you. Summer is just around the corner and we think these would be the perfect style staple you’ve been looking for.


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