Tummy Bootcamp

We know how freakin’ tough it can be to stay on track, and our girls at HQ needed a boost. We wanted to create something to hold us accountable to keep both our mind & body focused and on track.

So, what’s the deal? Every week we’ll be posting a new challenge for you (and us) to complete, in addition to using your Flat Tummy Shakes, Tea, Lollipops and Supplement. These challenges are all about getting you back on track, and we’ll be hooking you up with exciting tips, tricks and treats to help you along the way.

You know we love seeing your progress, so make sure you snap pics before/during/after completing each challenge and post using the hashtag #babeonamission or send them to getflat@flattummyco.com

Now that you know what our Bootcamp is all about… You ready for the first challenge?!

Challenge ONE: Get prepared

Yep, the first challenge is to get prepared. It might sound easy, but it’s actually one of the biggest (and toughest) steps to do. Because let’s get serious, one of the hardest parts of getting back on track, is actually starting. So, you’ve got to get organized. How do you do it? Easy, set your goals and make a plan!

Need a little inspo to get going? Here are three ways to get prepared and organized to stay on track!

  1. Plan your week. Organize and plan your meals in relation to your Flat Tummy products each day, and decide which days you’ll exercise and which you’ll rest.
  2. Grab a wall calendar so you can “X” off days where you’ve completed your workouts. We always find it helpful to actually see your progress being crossed off. It def gives you more motivation! 
  3. Make a killer workout playlist. We all know it’s so hard to keep pushing through the last round of a workout, but when you’ve got a motivational AF playlist it’s easier to dig deep and finish strong.

Oh, and don't forget your pink stripes. You're about to start seeing hundreds of babes on the gram rocking theirs. So be sure to grab pink paint, pink lipstick or literally anything you've got lying around to make yours (we’ll be reposting bootcamp babes all month!). Plus, we’ve got a few competitions along the way - so stay close to our IG page.

Flat Tummy Tea

Still need to get your Bootcamp essentials? No worries, babe! We want you to kick it into high gear asap - so right now you can get 25% OFF your Ultimate Bundle! Grab your Flat Tummy Shakes, Tea, Lollipops and Supplements so you can move stubborn LBS, control cravings, reduce bloat and enhance focus*! 


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