What Exactly is Bloat?

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What is bloat

You’re either hearing it or saying it to yourself - “I’m feeling sooo bloated right now”; “Carbs makes me bloat like crazy”; “It must be that time of the month, I’m so bloated!”. So the obvious questions here are: What is bloat? Where is it coming from? And how can we get rid of it? Well, listen up - cause this is pretty much our specialty!

Bloating happens when your tummy becomes swollen. Normally from a buildup of fluid or gas. It causes your stomach to become overstretched, causing that horrible bloated and heavy feeling.

In order to get rid of that dreaded bloat, it's important to know what might be causing it! So, why does this happen? It can be caused by a number of factors, though most cycle back to the foods you’re eating.

Foods that cause Bloat

Be cautious of the foods you’re fueling your body with! If you make the wrong choice, you may end up with that sluggish bloated feeling afterward (bloat isn’t just from eating that big Turkey dinner!). To put it simply, fat and processed foods take longer to digest than protein and natural foods, so your body isn’t able to rid it from your system as quickly. Avoiding those fattier and processed foods will not only help with all over better health but also avoids the bloat.

Now it’s not just about those junkier foods, some vegetables can also cause bloating. Keep in mind, we did say SOME, don’t forget vegetables are still a very important part of a healthy diet. Vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts have sugars and starches that can cause gas build - try to go easy on these.

If you deal with bloat, it’s best to eat smaller meals throughout your day, rather than one or two big meals. It gives your body some extra time to digest. If you’re a speed eater, try your best to slow it down. This allows your brain to catch up and tell you that you’re full (so you don't overeat).

If you're dairy or gluten-sensitive
, this can be a major road bloat to smooth digestion. Keep your tummy in check and avoid them to the best of your abilities (we know temptation wins sometimes). If you’re struggling to find a healthy go to, our Flat Tummy Shakes, are dairy, gluten, and soy-free!

Finally, during “that” time of the month, bloating can be much more common. Your digestive system isn’t able to work quite as quickly during your period, which causes an increase in bloating. But girlllll, we've got you covered. Our Menstrual Cycle Tea is designed to help ease cramping, while supporting digestion and helping to avoid that extra bloated feeling during your period.


How do I know if it’s bloat I’m suffering from? 

It’s not always visible babe, everyone’s bodies are different. Sometimes you may have that outwardly bloated tummy, and other times it may just be the heavy bloated feeling, or both. As mentioned, it may not be from eating a big meal or during that time of the month. If you feel like you’re 6 months pregnant and have those cramp like pains, that is bloat, girl!

That’s where our Flat Tummy Tea Cleanse comes in!


Our Cleanse tea is made with 7 all-natural ingredients. Created specifically to help with bloating and get rid of built-up toxins in your system. Our Activate tea contains 10 all-natural ingredients. These work to speed your metabolism, which helps your body digest stubborn bloat-causing food, much quicker!

Bloat happens, but it doesn’t mean you need to let it take over! You now have the tools to be able to avoid the bloat and know how to combat it when it does creep up. We’re here to help you stay feelin’ fine, so you can get out and kick a** everyday!


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