Enjoy Food, Hold the Bloat

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If you're having trouble enjoying a bigger meal without feeling bloated, uncomfortable and exhausted, we get it and we're here to help! Read on for 3 helpful tips for avoiding and reducing bloat.

Enjoy Food, Hold the Bloat

Tip #1 Savor every bite: 

Diving right into your favorite meal is tempting, but slowing it down is key! This will help your digestive system more effectively process food while avoiding swallowing too much air (causing bloat). Try taking smaller bites and giving your body time to digest, you'll feel a lot better!

Enjoy Food, Hold the Bloat

Tip #2 Sip on Herbal Tea

With 11 all-natural ingredients, our Flat Tummy Tea will help to reduce bloat, speed metabolism and improve energy.* That's what we call a triple win! You can stop feeling sluggish after meals and start feeling great with our Detox Tea.*

Enjoy Food, Hold the Bloat

Tip #3 Get out your foam roller:  

Yes, get out that foam roller! The rolling session should consist of light twisting and forward motions with deep breathing and exhaling. This will help enhance the body's circulation, and calms the nervous system, to help improve your body's digestive inflammation, relieving that uncomfortable feeling. 

Next time you're feeling the bloat after eating remember these tips and don't forget to grab your all-natural Flat Tummy Tea.

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  • It’s a very great product. It works like magic if you follow through.

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