Summer hits and along comes beautiful weather, patio days, BBQs and... BLOAT! As hard as we try to get our greens in to keep our tummies on track, we LOVE a good cheat meal. This is why we're sharing our top tips to help you get back into the fitness grind.


Tip 1: Hydrate

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You've probably heard this one a thousand times, but it's truly a game changer! Proper hydration helps to regulate body temperature, delivers proper nutrients to cells, and keeps the body from retaining water (aka keeps “water weight” at bay). It’s also amazing for your skin which is a major bonus.
Pro Tip: Our #1 Detox Tea is perfect to kick-start your day - it helps gently cleanse, eliminates toxins and reduces that awful bloating feeling.


Tip 2: Exercise

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 We all know that exercise burns unwanted calories, but it's also great for improving mood, regulating appetite, and supporting cardiovascular health! Walking is a convenient and scenic way to get 30-60 minutes of exercise per day. We also have a FREE APP that contains a ton of workouts tailored to your fitness level. It couldn't be easier!


Tip 3: Don’t Skip Meals

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Eliminating meals doesn’t actually help with weight loss. You’ll most likely end up hungrier at the end of the day and reach for foods that are less nutrient dense like chips or ice cream. If you’re not a breakfast (or lunch) babe, we’ve got just the thing for you - our Weight Management Shakes are the perfect way to get in 50+ fruits and veggies, plus 6 grams of fiber and 20g of protein! 


When getting back on your health and fitness grind, it's important to stay positive and to be gentle with yourself. It’s all about finding balance and enjoying life. Follow these easy tips and you’ll be back on track before you know it!

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