10 Things We Hate About Bloat - No. 3

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3. "It is so unpredictable."

Hey I’m Ange! So... I’m believer of living life to the max - and I’m passionate about a lot of things, including tasty food! But I’m not silly, and I know that what you put in is what you get out. And in this case, when I put in salted caramel ice cream, I get a nice serving of bloat right back. Now I get that. I understand that when I eat that kinda food, I have to prep for the outcome. That, I can handle.


But what I can’t handle, is that there are those days (or weeks) when you seem to be doing everything right.. literally, everything….. and then BOOOM!!! Out of NOWHERE, bloat hits you like a bitch! It is so unpredictable! What’s up with that?!?! Now I know for a fact that I’m not alone in this, so I know I can count on you girls to get what I mean and it’s comforting to know I’m not alone in it ;). 


It was so frustrating. I'm not even one to try too hard and go without my fav foods, but when I had something coming up that I wanted to feel good for, and I had been mostly good with my eating and keeping active, it was annoying to still have that unexpected bloat hit me. I could understand the days when I had those ice-cream binges, but not on my good days when I was expecting to look and feel freaking good.

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So I came to terms with accepting that.. those off days are just gonna happen! And even when I'm trying hard, those bloat times can't aways be controlled. But it didn’t stop me from trying my best to deal with it when I needed to. 


Now knowing myself, if I start with an extreme routine of exercise and eating, I’d just be putting it off for longer! And then, well… it just wouldn’t happen. So I knew that if I tricked myself into an easier, more achievable start… like “yeah girl, today you can run, walk, run.. walk, walk and then run"….then I’d be hitting the pavement in no time! At least I was getting started right?!! But as soon as those endorphin highs kicked in, motivation was BACK and it was all in from there!

So babes, my tip for you is.. schedule in a plan to make it happen! Or it’ll always just be a wish list. Cause when we say "yeah I’ll do it soon”, it’ll just wait in line behind the excuses of ‘busy’ or ‘I don’t know where to start’. But if we schedule in the first step - we’ll be well on our way!


Also remember, it’s all about mindset. Knowing we’ve all been there is comforting. And at the end of the day, it’s not worth letting it ruin my day - so on those days I can’t control bloating, I choose to be confident anyway. And to help, I’ll focus on things that I do feel good about - and choose to love exactly how I am TODAY. Cause if I direct my worries towards something that I can’t control, then that sad face has more chance in pointing people towards noticing it. But if I’m focused on feeling good - and draw the attention towards something else - like my great mood, the great company, or my rockin’ outfit, then no one is gonna care about my bloat, maybe even me!!


So don’t whinge, because let’s be real, it’s time wasted when you could be out there living your life! You actually CAN get back on track - just plan to make it happen, draw up your schedule and DO IT! 

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