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First things first ladies, if you want to start every day with a productive mindset, then you’ve gotta go to bed with a productive mindset. What? Why? How? So many questions. Let me explain..

Disclaimer - the following events may or may not happen on a weekly basis.
Imagine.. you’ve spent your Tuesday night watching a whole season of Girls when all of a sudden you realise its midnight. “SHIT 6 hours of sleep, that equals me walking around like a creepy sloth all day tomorrow.” That right there subconsciously sets an expectation of feeling sleep deprived when you wake up. When the alarm goes off you’ll be wanting to hit snooze 50 times and pretend it’s just a nightmare.

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Now that your imagination is fired up, let’s introduce the second scenario. 

Disclaimer - we wish the following events were true.
Imagine..  It’s 1 more sleep until your long awaited girls trip to Bali and there’s a million things running through your head.. “cocktails, tanning, massages and hot foreign males!” Current mindset - too excited, can’t sleep but don’t care. DING DING DING, 5am the alarm clock goes off (it’s an early flight) and your jumping out of bed like you’ve dosed up on 5 cups of coffee. You have so much energy and you’re SO ready to embrace the day. Bring on Bali baby!

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The moral - it’s all about getting your head in the game before you even close your eyes. The key is to consciously decide how you’re going to face the next day (‘kill me now’ or ‘bring it’) and actively create a positive expectation for the next morn. I mean, what’s better than going to bed knowing you have your Flat Tummy Tea detox (hello flat tummy) waiting for you! 

So basically, what were saying, ditch the procrastination, ditch the snooze and ditch that Hagrid bed hair. Tonight’s last words - repeat after me… “You’ve got shit to do tomorrow. Up bright and early. Let’s do this!”


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