Beat Cravings In 3 Minutes

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Alright, ladies. Let’s just admit it. Cravings don’t just come at “that time of the month”, though we definitely use that as an excuse quite often. Along with Valentine's Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, our Birthdays, the fact it’s the weekend, our fav show is on etc. You name it, and we’ll probably be able to justify giving into our cravings.

But did you know, food cravings on average only last THREE MINUTES. Yep, that means we just need to distract ourselves for 3 minutes while the cravings pass.

So, we put together a little list to help you kill the time (and your cravings).

1. Prepare your Flat Tummy Shake
- okay, maybeee the first thing we should do is turn to our Flat Tummy Shakes. Yep, satisfying your cravings is the fastest way to kicking them! Plus, our Shakes will keep you on track, and guilt free.


2. Play a song - Most songs last about 3 minutes. So if you can get through listening to your favorite song, without reaching for a treat - you’re in the clear. Bonus points if you sing and dance along to it. Burning calories rather than eating them? Okay, you’re an all-star.


3. Do 100 lunges -
...maybe 50. We know this one doesn’t sound nearly as fun as number two, but it is effective. There’s something about doing a quick exercise, that makes you think twice about indulging your cravings. No way we just did 100 lunges just to undo that hard work. We have a booty to build.



Need some more ideas? Drink a glass of water, call a friend, do some laundry (there’s always more laundry to do), or if you’re at your desk, go for a quick walk. There’s tons of other things to do for three minutes to distract ourselves, but these are the main ones to try!

It’s time to kick your cravings, ladies.

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