Time to quit your bitchin’ babes. You heard us. Making excuses for that morning you forgot to drink the Activate tea or starting your detox 3 weeks after it landed in your mailbox? Ok, we get it.. but honestly, how hard could it be? We’ve come up with a couple of super easy ways to help you get or stay on track when it’s most needed. Whatever the excuse, we’ve got your back.

meal plan and detox tea

Prep and Plan

Ding ding, email in your inbox.. “Wahoo, your Flat Tummy Tea is on its way!” It’s go time. Your order is on the way and you’re about to kick bloat’s ass but how are you going to make the most of it and get best results? Preparation is our number one key to the whole motivation crisis. Do your research babes.. sounds like a chore huh? Don’t worry, we make that super easy for you. Our website is stacked with all the information you need, from FAQ’s to Flat Tummy tips, spend a little time getting to know your Flat Tummy Tea and you’ll feel like you know it before it even gets in your hands #soulmates. 

Do.not.rush. Just chill babes. There’s nothing worse than starting something too quickly before reading the instructions only to realise you haven’t been doing it right! So, take a second to make a plan. Consider things like events or when you’re due for your period #blaaah. Decide a day that’s good for you start and make time for a 30 minute walk after work or think about what you’re going to eat for breakfast. Now there’s no room for distractions or excuses…. you’re welcome. 

Set Goals

Take some time to think about the reason why you decided to jump on the Flat Tummy Tea bandwagon. Obviously to kick bloat’s butt and feel freaking good but we all have that one goal we spend forever procrastinating on. Whether you want to feel good in that new pair of jeans you bought or cut down the daily donut intake #whoops. If you know what you want.. quit the procrastinating and go get it. 

If you find yourself saying “whoops” a little more than often, set your self a goal to one cheat day a week… actually let’s be real. Our goal would be something like, one whoops moment a day but ONLY if we remember to drink our Flat Tummy Tea and take the stairs instead of the elevator. We’re all about balance so rewarding yourself makes it easy along the way. Just so you know, jeans don’t lie so if you don’t stick to the goal then you most likely won’t be feeling good in your new jeans…it’s either win win or loose loose. Your choice babes! 

Stacking Habits 

Don’t know about you but every.. well, most mornings and nights we consciously follow the same routine.. brushing teeth, eating breakfast and driving to work. Yes, we get it. Adding extra habits like drinking Flat Tummy Tea can get a little tricky sometimes.. but it’s all in the mind babes and you’re not gonna hear us bitchin’ about it.’

Statistics show, the first thing 80% of women do when they first wake up is check their phones. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good Instagram scroll but if Mondayitis hits and a sleep in get the better of you, forgetting to drink the Activate tea can occur. First things first.. make sure you’ve got the directions down packed, then mark the days on a calendar. For those of you tech savvy babes, put that smart phone to good use and set up reminders with a funky tone incase you do forget. A couple of days into your detox, Flat Tummy Tea will be your new fav habit to wake up to and that reminder won’t be needed #feelinggood. 

Friendly Competition

Friends don’t let friends feel blaaah so when it comes to making excuses theres no better person to tell you to sort your shit out and get back on track than your bestie (and vice versa). Let the flat tummy games begin! Start the detox with a couple of before photos and take progress pics throughout the weeks. Seeing and feeling results is seriously the best feeling ever, plus any reason for a photo shoot is totally exciting!

Once you’ve both committed to the detox, you’re on a mission and there’s no backing down. If you ‘decide’ to sleep in for the gym, your bestie will be at your door with a wake up call. When you’ve come home from a Friday night out, you’ll both be sipping on some Cleanse tea before bed while everyone else sips on soda from the McDonalds drive through #whoops. 

Kicking bloat’s butt with a bestie by your side the whole way.. couldn’t think of anything better.

Game over excuses #winning!


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