flat tummy bookcamp day 3

It’s Day 3 and it’s time to get down to business.

We’re about to kick it up a notch, but we know you’re gonna crush it! Make sure you’re doing each daily circuit 2-3 times... push for 3, cause YOU GOT THIS! Annnnnd don’t forget, you can grab your Bootcamp Essentials for 20% OFF!

Did you miss yesterday’s blog? No problem - there’s still time to get back on track! Check it out here!

Pro babe tip: Challenge a friend! We’re all about babes supporting babes, so call your bestie and get her started on the first challenge. Why not get together, complete your workouts and celebrate with some wine

High Knees
(50 reps)

high knees form

(30 reps)

squats form

Russian Twists
(25 reps per side)

russian twists form

Glute Bridge
(30 reps)

glute bridge form

Donkey Kicks
(15 reps per side)

donkey kicks form


  • Best bootcamp I’ve done in a while. Try doing day 1,2, and day 3 all together…awesome! Definitely a good switch from plain cardio! Go baby go!

    michele bolich on

  • Thank you

    Suzie Dumel on

  • Really good work out

    Nora Vinson on

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