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So you waited for what felt like forever, for the long weekend celebrations to have a much needed break. The weekend comes to an end and you’re left with some fun memories and a totally blaaaah feeling to start the week. We’ve all been there… you fell off track just a little bit (OK or maybe a lot). But you’re in luck, because we went ahead and did some research for quick, easy fixes to recover from the long weekend - here’s 4 things you can try! 

1. Detox your system - Maybe you wish you hadn’t had those last few drinks and you’re not totally feeling 100%? It happens. Start a Flat Tummy Tea program! The Activate and Cleanse tea will help you cleanse your system, support metabolism and reduce bloat AKA ditch that blaaah feeling! Grab your Flat Tummy Tea Infuser and bring your Activate Tea with you when you’re on the go - no excuses!

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2. Rehydrate - (We mean with water!) Drink a glass of warm water with lemon first thing in the morning - it’s a great way to settle your tummy and get rid of lingering dehydration. Be sure to keep a bottle nearby for the day, so it’s always within reach.

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3. Exercise - As much as you don’t want to. It’s a freakin’ huge help to get moving and get in some exercise! Even a brisk walk outside with a friend is better than nothing! Sunlight and fresh air are great hangover helpers. Feelin’ extra motivated? Grab our 7 Day Challenge and push yourself - we’ve got meal inspo and at home workouts all at the click of a button!

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4. Update your playlist - Nothing helps your workout and motivation to get moving more than a fresh new playlist. Take 20 minutes, grab some new jams and get going.

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These might seem like really straightforward ideas, but sometimes you’ve got to get back to the basics to get on track. You got this babe! If you have any questions, or need some inspo on where to start fire off an email to our Customer Experience team below!

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