Flat Tummy App Review: My PostPartum Weight Loss Journey

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Post Partum workout results

"During my pregnancy I gained 20kilos (44 pounds). Right after birth I lost 12kilos and as I was breastfeeding I thought I would get on my pre-pregnancy weight super quickly. But, in the coming post-partum months I even gained some more. I knew I needed a little bit of help in a time when I discovered FT app. This is when the left photo is taken. I had 62kilos.

My goal wasn't my pre-pregnancy weight. I just wanted to start eating healthy, do some light workouts and give my body more time.

As I'm a picky eater, I wasn't following any specific meal plan. Instead, I'll go on the FT app and pick something that I want in that moment. The best thing about these recipes, besides they're healthy is, they are super quick to make which is so important for a new mom. My favourite one is Breakfast burrito, which takes me only 10 minutes.

Beside a healthy diet to achieve my goals, I started working out. As I had c-section I started with beginner full body program. But it was a disaster. I just couldn't do anything. Every exercise was a struggle because I was weak as I lost a lot of muscles during pregnancy. I was so unmotivated so I decided to take some more time with just daily walks and healthy eating. This was 3 months post-partum.

After another 3 months I was ready to start my workouts again. This time everything went great. I went through beginner program quickly. Now, I'm switching between my core and booty workouts. All the workouts require no equipment, they're only 20 minutes or less, and my favourite thing about them is that I can workout while hanging out with my baby.

After a few months of a healthy diet and regular exercise I lost 10kilos. But the most important thing is the way I feel from the inside. With making healthy habits I set my mental and physical health in place." - Sandra Steve

Mommy and baby workout

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