Here at Flat Tummy HQ, we’re ALL about taking care of ourselves! Self-care isn’t a one size fits all and can look different from person to person. Luckily we’ve come up with our favorite ways to help customize your self-care routine. Keep reading for some of our top tips to show yourself some love when you need a little extra tlc!

 Tip #1. Morning Me-Time

Weightloss tea self care
Any babe with a busy lifestyle understands the STRUGGLE of completing their never-ending to-do list with just 24 hours in a day. By the time your head hits the pillow, you’ve barely had any time to yourself and can eventually come to feel completely burnt out! One easy way to balance this is to take a moment alone before the day begins! Try setting your alarm 30, 20 or even 10 minutes earlier each day, make yourself a cup of Activate tea and get energized for your busy day. It’s designed to help speed metabolism and boost energy levels. The smallest amount of me-time can make the biggest difference in how you feel throughout the day.

 Tip #2. Express Daily Gratitude

Weight loss tea gratitude
Gratitude, especially when practiced when you first wake up, can instantly improve mindset and set you up for a happier, more successful day. After our morning cup of Activate Tea, we love to wrap ourselves in a cozy blanket and write either some positive affirmations and/or things we’re grateful for. What are some of our fav affirmations right now? I am strong. I am loved. Today is a phenomenal day. Try it, you won’t regret it!

 Tip #3. Establish a good skincare routine

Collagen keratin gummies
We admit, we’re suckers for a good skincare routine. That feeling of cleansed, hydrated and healthy skin can turn your day around! It’s a moment just for you and reaffirms self-love. A good skincare routine doesn’t have to be complicated - it can be as simple as finding your favorite facial cleanser and moisturizer. Another fun step to add to your skincare routine is our Superfruits gummies! They’re designed to support the healthy production of collagen and keratin and contain skin-nourishing ingredients.* They’ll have you glowing from the inside out!

Tip #4. Do one thing you love each day

Ashwagandha gummies relax
Self-care can be as simple as taking 30-60 minutes each day to do something you love. Whether listening to your favorite music, watching the latest Netflix release, or cooking your favorite meal. Even with the busiest of schedules, it’s SO important to take this time to yourself and relax a little bit! We love taking our Ashwagandha gummies which contain our Triple-Action Formula: Sensoril®, L-theanine and lemon balm, all designed to help in relaxation.*

Tip #5. Move Your Body

detox drinks
You knew this one was coming! Our fifth self-care tip is to get your body moving at least a little bit each day! Whether you go to the gym, take a dance class, or play your favorite sport.  Our favorite way to get ourselves moving (and arguably the easiest) is taking a “hot-girl” walk. Just pop in your Airpods, put on your cutest athleisure and take a 15-60 minute walk around your neighborhood while enjoying nature! It’s an amazing way to get those steps in too. 

Tip #6. Detox

Weightloss tea
Last (but certainly not least) at the end of a grueling day, our favorite way to unwind is with a hot cup of Cleanse Tea. It’s designed to gently cleanse your system, support metabolism and reduce bloating. We love to curl up with a good book and have a nice hot cup before drifting off to sleep!


There you have it, our top 6 self-care tips! Take this as your sign to build the best routine for you and your busy lifestyle! We've got a full line of products to help you love yourself each day, check them out HERE.

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