Usually we’re stuffing our tummies with all kinds of food, but this week we’ve been working on keeping our water up and our tummies flat! With our Flat Tummy Shakes working to kick the cravings, our Flat Tummy Tea helping to speed our metabolism, plus the fact we’re downing water like it’s wine - it’s safe to say there’s definitely not as much room in there as we had last week. And let’s be real, it’s most definitely a good thing, considering all the V-Day chocolate is half price right now. 

Buuut there’s a few things we’ve learned this week:


1. Drink the majority of your water throughout the day

Cause if you’re about to get ready for bed and realize you still have 20 ounces to drink … you will be waking up throughout the night to pee, and it’s not fun.




2. Bring a water bottle with you everywhere you go

You’ll be more inclined to take sips here and there (especially at your desk at work).




3. Set goals for when you’re going to drink your water

If you chug two full glasses of water when you wake up and 1 glass again before each time you eat - it makes it a lot easier to hit your water goal for the day.




4. And this is a PRO TIP

For Friday night you couldddd justify vodka waters. You know you deserve it, babe.




We know we’re not in this alone, we have 1.4 million bootcamp babes out there, and we definitely want to know how you’re tracking during your challenges!

So next time you’re brewing your Flat Tummy Tea, mixing your Flat Tummy Shakes, or chugging some water - Snap a pic, and use the hashtag #tummybootcamp. Share your water recipes and tricks with other Tummy Bootcampers.

 Brace yourself cause Challenge TWO is coming NEXT.

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