Ok. Ok. Ok. We’re going to level with you for a quick sec. Eating healthy all the time ain’t as easy as everyone makes it sound. THERE, WE SAID IT! We pretty much pat ourselves on the back when we go a whole day without visiting the snack cupboard. #realtalk

But we know that since you’ve been doing our Tummy Bootcamp (along with your Flat Tummy Shake program or Flat Tummy Tea cleanse)…  you’ve been a little better at staying on track! Which is awesome. Buuut we know that by now the cheat meal cravings are starting to kick in. Yes, it’s normal. And no, you’re not alone.

But guess what? We’re here to make sure that you don’t get in. The month is almost over… we can’t have you throwing all your hard work out the window!

So. Here’s what’s up. We’re giving you some of our fav tips on how to keep your cravings in check:


  1. When you're craving something to eat, drink a glass of water and wait 15 minutes. Yes, ok. We know this sounds SUPER lame. As if water is as yummy as that entire oreo cookie!?!?!  But, you’ll thank us later. Why? Because studies have shown that most of the time when you get hit with those megga sugar cravings, your body is actually just dehydrated. So smash a glass of water and give it time. Then... if you’re still craving it, chances are you’re hungry and can reassess (and maybe reach for the fruit.)




  1. Try to avoid boredom eating and distraction eating. Sound familiar? It should.. Cause this is pretty much every woman ever. Example 1: Sitting in bed watching TV with a bag of chips (#guilty). We’ve all been there, and we also know that feeling when you get to the bottom and you KNOW you should’ve stopped half a packet ago. This is because you’re multitasking and you’re distracted. Your brain doesn’t register it’s full as fast, since it has to process what else you’re doing. So you end up eating more than you need to satisfy that craving. The solution? Prepare yourself for this and stock up on some healthy snacks.




  1. If you’re going out to dinner and want to order the biggest burger on the menu, you do you, girl. But if you’re trying to be good, here’s how you can switch it up. Yes, we can always fit in room for dessert - but no you don’t always need it. You’re better off ordering a bigger meal with more protein, fats or carbs and grabbing a side salad than hitting the sugars hard.. If you don’t want to cut out dessert, share something with your girlfriend. You still get to satisfy those cravings, but with only half the guilt. #yas




We’re all guilty of justifying our poor eating habits with the excuse “ it’s the weekend”. Buuuut it’s a cycle we need to break, if we’re gonna get our new tummies. It’s a cheat meal, babe. Not a cheat weekend. You’re better off just having that one really bad cheat meal than spreading it out over the whole weekend. And look… if you need a bit of help - then you know we’ve got your back. Our Flat Tummy Shakes and Flat Tummy Tea are where it’s at. And guess what?! They’re all 20% OFF!

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