Workout gear for the #flattummygirl

Posted by Adrian Ryan on

We Flat Tummy Girls are always on the look out for the latest workout gear. This week's trends have got us doing back flips...well not really, but we're THAT excited about it!


We recently heard a rumour going around that Hurley and Nike were collaborating to create a new collection. Rumour being true, the Dri-Fit collection brings out the Beach Active range for woman. One of our fav picks is the Block Party compression sports bra. It comes in a sexy leopard print style, which we are totally digging this season. Reeeoww! The super supportive criss-cross women's compression bra lets you keep your focus on your workout while the Dri-Fit technology lifts sweat from your body to keep you dry and comfortable. I'm thinking this will be my next "goal achieved" reward!

active wear

So since we're already buzzing about Nike, I thought I'd share with you the cool new gadget that had me at "make every run count". Being a lover of running, the new Nike+ Sports watch GPS, powered by TomTom is the perfect tool to add that extra boost of motivation. It helps to keep you on track with unique features like automatic run-reminders... It's like having your own personal running coach, right on your wrist. It also helps you track your distance and calories, create workout reminders, set goals and share your personal best with other Flat Tummy babes. With just a tap on the screen, you can mark laps, activate the backlight, and personalise the data that you want to see during your run. If you want to get super high-tech, you can plug the watch into a USB port on your computer and upload your run data to, where you can view your progress and share how far you've come!

active wear motivation workout

Anyway...all of this coolness has got me super pumped up so I'm off to smash a run! Until next time...


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