5 Ways We Everyday Girls Stay Active

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We're all just everyday girls wanting to be healthy and stay active, right?  Not always as easy as it sounds. But we're sharing our best tips to get a little active every day. PS it's not that hard. 


Walking is a great but totally underrated form of exercise. This simple action keeps you active, fit AND keeps you high on the social radar for the latest gossip. 

So for this weekends “catch up over breakie" ritual, ditch the car, grab some friends and get walking! The food will taste so much better and the walk back will help if you treated yourself to a little too much tasty goodness.


We’re all about wearing our motivation. A day of shopping for work out gears will leave you feeling motivated to get your butt looking good in those new leggings, plus super satisfied because you may have also “accidentally” purchased that cute pair of heels you've had your eye on for weeks. We call it… power shopping! 


Choose something over nothing. If you don't feel like busting out a 1 hour sweat session, activities such as tackling some outdoor stairs are a super easy and rewarding way to get your heart rate up! There are outdoor stairs everywhere, and you can do them to suit your abilities. Theres nothing better than reaching the top to find an amazing view over the city… time for a cliche selfie!



Okay, so this ones for the rainy days. Time to get your butt of the couch and head to the DVD store. Rent some sort of cheesy workout DVD and the other can be your choice…don’t be fooled by the snacks at the counter! 

To get things going pretend you’re the instructor during the workout. This will get you moving and lift those gloomy day spirits… Now its time for that season of Gossip Girl.


Unleash your inner champion and organise your own Tennis Open with a group of friends. Warning, from previous experience this can get serious for the Sharapova wannabes of your friends, so make sure you set the rules before you start! Tennis is such a great full body workout and no matter what level your at you will be sure to work up a sweat…even if its from chasing after all the balls you hit over the fence. 

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