Yep, Holiday Bloat is a Bitch.

Posted by Valentina from Flat Tummy Co on

Whether you are taking to the skies for business or pleasure, its pretty much guaranteed that your tummy is not gonna be flat by the time you land. 

Holiday body Photo Credit: @tashoakley

Our advice:
Theres no need to get all glam for a flight, I mean come on, how often do you get seated next to a hot guy anyway.. Slip on some cosy track pants, a baggy tee and you’ve passed stage one of project de-bloat. 

So theres two types of girls in this world, the ones who LOVE plane food & drink (did someone say free champagne) and the others who HATE it. The lovers might struggle in this department a bit, but ladies it’s all for the flat tummy. Avoid the fizzy drinks and carb-packed snacks. Instead, pack yourself some healthy treats and stick to the water. Check. You’ve passed stage two. 

Stage 3 is easy. Stress causes bloating so take a chill pill, not literally.. or literally.. AND relax! Seat back, earphones in (to block out the old dude snoring next to you) and eye mask on. 

 P.S - We always throw a pack or two of Flat Tummy Tea in our suitcase between our 153429 pairs of bikinis. Brew up a cup on arrival and hello holiday hot!

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