Girls at brunch

We know babes, Sundays are hard. The HQ girl gang is here to help you survive your vicious hangover and have a kick-*ss day with the squad. First things first, forget about washing your hair, we’ve got tips to avoid that at all costs and ya know what?  Follow these 4 tips and we’ll have you feeling better and ready for brunch in no time.

Tip 1 - Get your ass in gear...we already know we need to cleanse & debloat from last night's festivities, in order to make room for brunch. So get outta bed, steep a cup of Activate tea and let’s do brunch right.

Cup of Flat Tummy Tea

Tip 2 - Used the last of your dry shampoo last night? Whatever. Throw on a baseball cap, cover up that greasy hair and you’re all set. Your girls are not going to care, cause they’re probably doing it too.

Cool pink girl's hats

Tip 3 - Ohhhh the pants. Chances are you ate 2+ slices of pizza last night and we’re here for it...but your jeans might not be. So let’s go for the CLASSIC soft and stretchy yoga pants.

Girl in workout gear

Tip 4 - Last but certainly not least, the KICKS. You already know we’re all for embracing our inner badass (even when we’re not feeling like one) with a fresh pair of kicks. The trick here is to go with style and comfort - this is key when you’re hungover AF. That way you’ll be walking on a cloud even though you want to bury your head in one.

Pink Nike sneakers

So toss on your fav hoodie, grab your keys, pick up the girls and order some freakin’ hashbrowns and hollandaise. Because if Saturdays are for the boys… Sundays are for the babes! 

Repeat the above steps whenever you’re hungover and never let a hangover stop you from brunch with your girls. PS: Don’t forget to have your cleanse tea before bed tonight! If you still haven’t added Flat Tummy Tea to your back on track essentials, or you need to stock up - we’ve got buy 1, get 1 FREE right now.

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