For our ladies that ordered during our New Year, New Tummy sale - most of you prob have your Shake It Baby or Flat Tummy Tea by now - wahoo! If you’re like us at Flat Tummy HQ, you definitely want to make the most of your program, buuut maybe you’re not sure where to begin. And to be honest, babe, we didn’t either when we started. 

That’s why we have a few tips and tricks to really kickstart your program with a BANG. There’s basically five essentials you’ll find in every Flat Tummy HQ babe’s workout bag. And damn straight we’re sharing them with you. 

1. Snacks

Duh. We love all kinds of food and have no problem admitting that. Buuut there’s a high chance we might use the excuse we’re too tired to workout, which is why we want to have snacks that give our body energy. Our fav go-to’s:

Banana + Peanut Butter
Apple + Peanut Butter
Protein Bar
Shake It Baby (obvs) 




2. Journal

On the first page of our exercise journal is typically where we’ll write down our goals, and reasons why we want to get back on track. Whatever the reason, it’s motivating to remind ourselves before each workout why we’re doing this. And yes. It helps if the journal looks bomb AF.


3. Backup clothes

And not for the reason you think, babe. Sometime our loyal gym buddy would “forget” her clothes, and try to cancel on our gym date. Well lucky for our bestie, we’ll call her on her bullsh*t and come prepared with an extra set of clothes (she’ll thank us after the workout). Bonus points if you she has to match you.




4. Dry shampoo / Deodorant

Let’s be real for a moment. Dry shampoo is the reason we’re able to balance a social life, workout routine and work. It’s the saving grace for when we have sweaty hair after the gym, but kinda wanna look cute to go meet our girlfriends for a drink. Spray a little bit of this in your hair, throw on some deodorant, mix together your Shake It Baby and you’re good to go.




5. Headphones

We’ll be the first to own up to this one. The moment we realize we didn’t pack our headphones, we’ll turn around and leave the gym. Extreme? Sure. But if you’ve ever worked out in silence, you’ll know what we mean. You think steeping your Flat Tummy Tea for 3-5 minutes is long? Try being on a treadmill for a few minutes with no music -- it can feel like an hour. That’s why we have an extra set of crappy headphones in our gym bag, or a dedicated pair.



You’ve probably noticed that our five essentials in our gym bag combat an everyday excuse for not working out. Because honestly, the hardest part is just getting ourselves to the gym. So we found if we took away some of our excuses, we’d actually go to the gym a bit more. 

They may seem super minor - but they definitely help. Our essentials may not be the same as yours (other than your go-to Shake It Baby), but don’t worry, we’re wayyy ahead of you. Take a minute and brainstorm your top excuses for not going to the gym. Once you have - what’re the ways to combat them so you can’t talk yourself out of going? That’s what you should pack in your gym bag, babe.

Yep, you’re welcome.

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