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2. "What do you mean I can't eat that?"

Hey L - L - Ladies, I'm Danni! Ok, so let’s get one thing straight. I love food. And when I say I love food, I mean I freaking looooovveee food #realgirlproblems. 

So, long story short, I’ve always had issues with my tummy and eating particular foods.. I can’t have gluten… (well, I “shouldn’t” have gluten.. but sometimes you can’t help a #yolo moment).. Anyway, it didn’t really bother me too much while I was growing up, but it definitely became a bigger issue in my teenage years. My tummy is super sensitive to particular foods (i.e. a few bites of bread and I might as well be 5 months pregnant). But aside from bloat, it also left me with a bunch of health issues! To be honest, the other issues I could handle, but being in high school, and being bloated was a massive problem and meant my confidence took a blow!

Now while I liked to believe this was just a teenage thing, it started to get worse once I hit my 20s. It got to the point where I started avoiding food-orientated events with my family and friends so I didn't have to awkwardly refuse food. And if I reaaaallllyyy couldn't get out of it, I had to start bringing my own food (and no one wants to be the girl turning up at a party with pre-packed sliced celery, let me tell you!).

I would rock up at an event feeling like a 10, and leave feeling like a 2.. all from one damn bread roll!

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So, I decided enough was enough and I needed to get on top of my health, get my confidence back and most importantly get back to doing and eating the things I loved! It took a little bit of time, but I knew that if I ever wanted to enjoy food again, I would need to do my research.

If someone would’ve told me this maybe a year ago, I would’ve rolled my eyes and refused to do it.. ain’t nobody got time to read the ingredients list and the labels on every package, right?!?! Well, I was wrong. As this ended up being what got me back on track.

I started reading a bunch of blogs and actually researching what gluten was and what foods contained gluten, rather than just assuming. I started following a bunch of foodies on Instagram and got creative with my meals again! And let me tell you, there are some healthy, gluten free treats out there that are DELICIOUS! (And also help keep that tummy in check). Getting back into a decent exercise routine again helped as well, both mentally and physically, but the main thing is I didn’t give up on my passion for food just because I had a few limitations. It’s about figuring out how to get over those hurdles and keep on keeping on!

Oh, and plus, in all this life changing madness, I heard about the tea detox Flat Tummy Tea from my friends, so decided to give it a try! I can now go to a Saturday night dinner party, in my LBD, have as many gluten free brownies as I damn like, and feel freakin’ fine!

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