The Workout Bloat. No More Excuses.

Posted by Adrian Ryan on

Energy while bloated.. good one. The exhaustion that comes with that shitty, sluggish feeling is enough for us to come up with any absurd excuse just to get out of a workout.. “oh, sorry babes, my non existent gold fish just died”.

Energy is reallllly important to us. Without energy, we can’t exercise, and without exercise, we turn into zombies. It’s like a never ending cycle, and were out!! 

Workout to debloatPhoto credit: @sportstylist

Our advice:
Fight the urge to skip the gym by sucking it up, literally. Not sure if you've noticed but most gym tights have a thick band around the tummy region, this thick band is there for a reason! Treat yourself to a good pair of supportive tights so you can buckle that bloat right in and get prepped to at least attempt a workout. 

When we say "at least attempt", we mean keep it short and sweet. There are so many low impact workouts out there which don't even require you to get off the floor. Say what?! Yep, so theres no excuse. Kind of makes bloat look like a blessing in disguise…actually, we take that back. Bloats a bitch! 

Dont know about you, but were kicking that bloated, slow and sluggish feeling with a cup of Flat Tummy Tea. Bottoms up!

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