10 Things We Hate About Bloat - No. 5

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5. "That burger though..."

I’m Saskia, FTT girl by day, ballet dancer by… well, every other hour I guess!

Despite what most people think about stereotypical stick-thin ballerinas, we actually eat A LOT. Just like an athlete, we gotta fuel the engine that drives us through rehearsals all day long and performances all night too! The problem is, I’m a total sucker for quality burgers with extra bacon, cheese, avocado and sautéed mushrooms - and I LOVE my fries (très French and extra salty). Trying to munch down this monster meal in between classes really triggers my bloating, which totally sucks because it really affects my performance! And when you’ve got a dress rehearsal, having a food-baby tummy sticking out from your pretty sequins and tutus - not cute.

So how do I go from swollen goose to graceful swan on stage? Girls, listen up, I’ve got your back.
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My number 1 go to is drink lots of water - even though it sounds crazy and your tummy feels so full, water keeps all your organs hydrated which makes them function more effectively, and the better your organs work, the faster they can get rid of that bloated feeling!

I also find that when I’m super bloated in class, I stretch it out. Stretching (especially folding yourself at the waist) and holding it for 1 min focuses all your attention on your muscles and how it’s tensing/burning - which takes your mind off your bloating!
If you want to get even more technical with ballet related exercises - Sometimes I like to lay on the ground for half an hour, do some deep breathing and I let gravity do its thing e.g when I breathe in, it pulls my tummy towards my spine - which actually helps comfort the pain for all those babes out there that actually feel a little uncomfortable when that bloat hits.

Oh and I avoid tight-fitting clothing. When I’m bloated, I like to wear stretchy pants or lose fitting dress that doesn’t constrict the tummy. To be honest, before I actually started working at Flat Tummy HQ I was already looking for something organic that would kick bloat’s ass, and wouldn’t make me give up my burgers and fries. So, my girls told me about Flat Tummy Tea, and I’ve never looked back since. I take Flat Tummy Tea with me everywhere because it gives me the energy boost to go from an 8-5 working day to a 5 hour rehearsal, while keeping my tummy en pointe!

Of course I still enjoy a few boxes of pizza with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s every now and then, but I don’t stress because I know Flat Tummy Tea got my back when it comes to hitting the dance floor ??

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