10 Things We Hate About Bloat - No. 7

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7. "That blaaaaaaah feeling"

Hey babes, I’m Ann and I’m bloated. There, I’ve said it. I’m not 5 months pregnant, although sometimes I get a nice preview of what I would look like if I was. Thanks a lot, bloat. You’re the best… NOT.

I’ve struggled with bloating and indigestion since my early teen years. At least once a month you’ll see me strutting around with that “cute” muffin top but to be honest, I’ve learnt to just live around it. On date nights or any other important occasions, Spanx are my go-to. And on those chilled days, my favourite outfit is jeggings + a loose jumper.

It’s annoying, yes. But I can manage it. But the biggest pain for me, though? It’s gotta be that sluggish feeling I get from within once that bloat sinks in. I’m talking about that total CBF feeling you get when you know you have so much to do but you just cannot shake that blaaaaaaaaah feeling. It’s so bad that not even four coffees can shake it, and that’s saying something. For me, this usually happens just after I eat. I’m not particularly sporty… I’m just the everyday girl who tries to go to the gym thrice a week and can’t resist a self permitted cheat day (or two) every week….regardless, I try to I live a somewhat active lifestyle. Did I also mention I take my dog for a walk everyday? #gettingitdone. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is no matter how hard I keep active (for me anyway), there is nothing I can do when that bloat hits and that sluggish feeling take over my body. 

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It's the hardest when I’m at work and that blaaaaah feeling just hits you like a tonne of bricks. One minute you’re firing off emails left right and centre, finishing off five tasks at once and also talking to someone about a meeting tomorrow. The next minute, you realize you’ve been reading the same sentence for 15 minutes and been looking out the window for 5... You know what I mean? Here are a couple of tricks I’ve learnt over the years; drink plenty of water, eat your fruit and veggies, hit the gym, and drink your Flat Tummy Tea.

I usually get the sluggish peak after lunch which is annoying because that’s when I like to get stuck into my more creative tasks and my brain needs to be on point. So to try deal with this, I like putting my headphones on, pumping some Beyonce and taking short walks around the block for a quick pick-me-up. It might sound a bit silly but I also really like standing at my desk for a little while. I put my computer on top of a box and just stand there listening to music and pumping out some work. Sitting down with that lunch bulge is not cute and I find this definitely helps let my tummy settle and keeps my body feeling fresh. Small healthy snacks like almonds and tea breaks also help bring my energy up too! Towards the end of the day, I like hitting up the gym to work up a sweat! But on days when I feel dangerously blaaaaaah, I get unmotivated and come up with excuses. My solution for this? I leave extra gym gear at the office so I have no choice but to force myself!

After my day long battle with bloating, I get home and I treat myself to a nice dinner, usually pasta! I love my carbs and there is no way I can give that up. I don’t stress too much about it though because I know Flat Tummy Tea’s got my back.

It’s all about finding the perfect balance. Focus on the positive things in your life (like chocolate cake), drink plenty of water and find little tricks and tips that’ll help you manage them sluggish feels!

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