10 Things We Hate About Bloat - No. 1

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1. "What social life?"

Let’s be real, bloat’s a bitch. And our girls at FTT HQ get it. And even though we’re killing it in the office, the reality is that all of us (yes, all), have those days where bloat hits us… hard. We’ve been there. We know what it’s like to feel shit, and what it’s like to feel freaking good. So from one girl to another, we’ve decided to share with you babes our top 10 reasons why we hate bloat the most. 

Hey babes, I’m Bec. For me, the biggest reason bloat’s a bitch is because of what it did to my confidence and my social life! I’ve always been pretty thin and pretty happy with my body (somehow made it through those late teens unscarred) buuuut when I hit my early 20s, bloat got me good. 

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Yeah, everyone gets it but I’m talking about some serious 5-months-pregnant bloat. It sucked..  I went from being the girl constantly organising nights out with my friends, to the girl sitting on the couch on a Saturday night in my sweats, feeling sorry for myself. 

Ummm ridiculous.. right? 

So after doing this for about 27 consecutive weeks (i.e. 27 consecutive weeks of trying to get my girlfriends to come over and watch movies to avoid going out) I slapped myself… literally. I'm in my 20s and I USED to be fun. So I decided, bloat is SO not going to hold me back. 

So, how did I make it work? I got off my sweat-wearing ass, brewed that cup of Flat Tummy Tea and called the girls. I was back, baby!! Ok.. so it took a couple of weeks of the tea detox, a little exercise and a pretty healthy diet. But.. I’m still feeling freaking good and keeping that tummy flat! 

I stopped feeling sorry for myself and stopped putting so much pressure on myself. Things like never eating a carb, or even worse, hardly eating at all, isn’t actually going to get you a flat tummy, or help you keep it that way. Girls, it’s about a little of this and a little of that… And as for exercise, I started small. Basically just walking around the block a few times, and then once I built up my confidence I started getting more and more active. 

I began planning out my meals better to avoid that awful 3pm attack of the snack but I also made sure that if I wanted a snack, I ate a snack. And for those whoops moments (which you have to let yourself have from time to time). Flat Tummy Tea has got your back.

Babes, bloat’s enough of a bitch already. Don’t let it ruin your social life.

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