Tummy Bootcamp - Wrap Up

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Alright, hustle in here Bootcamp Babes! We kicked the pizza day cravings, tackled every challenge and got our tummies back on track. As you know, with it being our first ever Tummy Bootcamp, it’s been one h*ll of a month and we’ve freaking killed it! Of course we’re sad it’s coming to an end... But let’s be real, we’ve always got something coming next at Flat Tummy HQ. So think of it as bitter-sweet, babe.

Bet you’re curious to know who was doing Tummy Bootcamp with you? Checkout a few Bootcamp Babes below!


“I️ advocate for simple additions that promote a healthier lifestyle. Flat Tummy Co provides just that—delicious, natural teas, and nutritious shake boosters. You couldn’t ask for a better way to start your day! That’s why I’m taking part in their #tummybootcamp.”
“Ending my 2nd week of Shake It Baby with Flat Tummy Co and I see the difference in my lower abs. That parts hard to flatten, but so far so good.”
“Flat Tummy Co, this stuff is really good and easy to make!”


D*mn straight our Bootcamp Babes are real women sharing their real results. So, don’t forget to send through your pics for your chance to be featured !Oh, and don’t worry - We’ll be back soon with what’s going down next at Flat Tummy HQ. Yep, stay tuned. Cause you know when we do things, we do things BIG.

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