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Flat Tummy Challenge

Tummy Workout

Incase you haven’t heard yet, the Tummy Redemption Challenge is going down RN at Flat Tummy HQ and you know we’re getting our whole squad involved. Yep, that includes you too, babe. So we’ve put together a quick Tummy Workout Plan for you.

We know you’re probs using this time to wind down after a long day, and we definitely don’t want to interrupt your binge watching series. So we made it super simple, and all these exercises are 100% babe friendly AKA can be done from the comfort of your own bedroom floor. Damn right, we got you like that.

Got any more excuses for us to shut down? Awesome, let’s get to it.

1. Tummy Twists

  • Sit on your bum and raise both your legs in the air, but keep them together (your knees can be bent, but just keep your feet off the ground)
  • Neither your legs or your back should be touching the ground … Basically sitting in a V shape
  • Put your hands together and rotate your shoulders from left to right while keeping your lower half centred.
  • Try touching the ground on each side of your body when you do it, to really twist. 
  • If you want to increase the difficulty, you can use something as a weight in your hands. 
    • ie. book or a bottle of wine, you know, whatever you have laying around.…

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    2. Planks

    • Think of a push up position without the pain of actually doing a push up.
    • Lay with your belly facing the ground, elbow/forearms supporting your upper body, feet together.
    • Keep your body straight (don’t be doing the downward dog yoga position).
    • Keep your Core engaged by keeping it flexed.
    • Hold for 30 seconds.

    Repeat 5 times with 15 second breaks in-between


    3. Air Kicks

    • Lay on your back with your arms laying next to your body
    • Lift your legs to be approx. 5 inches off the ground
    • Kick your left leg up (to about 15 inches off the ground), while keeping your right leg approx. 5 inches off the ground.
    • Lower your left leg to about 5 inches off the ground, kick your right leg up (to about 15 inches off the ground).
    • Continue in a rhythm for about 15 kicks on each side.
    • The trick is to keep your tummy tight and you should feel it in your lower abdomen.
    • It’s not about speed, it’s about control.

    Repeat for a series of 3 full sets

    air kick

    4. High Rise Hips

    • Lay on your back with your arms laying next to your body
    • Have your feet together and raise them both in the air
    • “Tighten your core to keep control”
    • Try to keep them up near your head, while keeping your legs together.
    • Subtly raise your body approx. 2/3 inches, while keeping your bum off the ground.

    Repeat movement 50 times

    hip raise

    5. Crunches … kinda

    • We all know what a crunch is supposed to look like. Now if you ask us if we’ve ever actually done one .. that’s a different story.
    • Start by getting into the crunch position
    • Rather than have your legs bent with your feet on the ground, raise your legs in the air, and make them as straight as possible.
    • Keep them together in the air, while beginning to do crunches.
    • PSA: Crunches shouldn’t be mistaken with sit ups. You don’t want to raise your whole back off the ground. Focus on keeping your head straight to the sky, with your hands cupping the back of your head. Use your core to raise your shoulders just enough to be off the ground.

    Do 50 in total ... even if you need to take a few breaks


    6. Reward Run

    • We’re all about balance, even during our Tummy Redemption Challenge. So if you actually did 1-5 (or maybe even 3/5,) we’ll def support a little late night nibble (why else would fridges have lights in them?) Buuuut, we do mean little, babe. Tummy Redemption is still goin’ down, so be sure to stick with us. Who knows what other treats will be up our sleeves at Flat Tummy HQ.

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