Nasreen's Detox Tea Review

Posted by Shelby from Flat Tummy Co on

Meet Nasreen, one of our O.G. babes who’s been CRUSHING it with us since 2016! She’s here to give us ALL the deets on her fitness journey with our original Detox Tea and we’ve gotta say we LOVE having her on our squad!

Back in 2016 I discovered Flat Tummy Tea on Instagram and my main goal was weight loss. I placed my first order and my energy was boosted! I no longer felt sluggish. Boosted my metabolism as well!

I’ve only tried the {Original Detox} tea and I absolutely love the taste and how it makes me feel! It also makes me look better, and my clothes are fitting better, {which has} boosted my confidence. 

flat tummy tea

{For physical activity}, I walk around 15-20 minutes 5 times a week, and I also love to dance which has helped me lose weight as well. I always drink loads of water and have a balanced diet!

I always have two cups of the {Activate} am tea with some boiling water before work, and I take two cups of the {Cleanse} pm tea an hour or so before bed! 

I would just like to thank the flat tummy tea family for being consistent and so inclusive with their brand. I’ve been telling all my friends and family about how amazing this tea is because it really is all that and more.

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